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Say Goodbye to Outdated Floors: Get Stunning New Wood Floors!

When it comes to hardwood floor installation Alpharetta GA residents trust, we're your go-to experts for transforming outdated spaces into stunning showpieces. With over 40 years of combined experience, our team of expert local flooring contractors brings unparalleled craftsmanship to every flooring project. We offer an extensive selection of wood types, from classic oak to exotic mahogany, all installed with meticulous attention to detail. New hardwood floors not only enhance your home's aesthetics but also significantly boost its value. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, homes with hardwood floors sell faster and for higher prices than those without.

hardwood floor installation alpharetta ga

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing flooring or need hardwood floor repair or restoration, we've got you covered. Our gallery of work showcases the beautiful transformations we've achieved for homeowners just like you. Don't settle for less when it comes to your home's foundation. Ready to elevate your living space with beautiful, durable hardwood floors? Call us today at 770-652-6948 for a free, no-obligation consultation and take the first step towards realizing your dream floors!


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How To Choose the Perfect Hardwood Flooring for Your Alpharetta Home

Choosing the perfect hardwood flooring for your Alpharetta home can feel like navigating a maze, can't it? But don't worry, we've got your back! With over four decades of experience under our belts, our locally-owned flooring company has seen it all when it comes to hardwood floor installation.

Here's the thing: each wood species has its own personality.

  • Oak? It's the dependable classic.
  • Walnut? That's your sophisticated showstopper.
  • Maple? It's the tough cookie that can handle whatever your family throws at it (sometimes literally!).

But here's where it gets tricky - and where our expertise really shines. It's not just about picking a pretty wood. You've got to consider your home's environment. Is your living room a sun-soaked oasis or a shady retreat? Do you have a house full of two-legged tornadoes (aka kids) or is it more of a zen sanctuary?

hardwood floor installation in alpharetta ga

And let's not forget about the unsung hero of the wood flooring world - the finish. It's like choosing the right Instagram filter for your floors. It can make them pop or give them a subtle glow, all while affecting how much TLC they'll need down the road.

Now, you might be wondering, "Solid or engineered hardwood?" Well, that's like asking "Beatles or Stones?" - both are great, but each shines in different scenarios. With proper care, either can last over a century! How's that for a long-term relationship with your floors?

We know this is a big decision. It's not just a flooring project; it's an investment in your home's future. That's why we offer such a wide selection - we want you to find your perfect match.

Ready to embark on this hardwood flooring adventure? Give us a ring at 770-652-6948, we'll set you up with a free consultation with one of our flooring pros. Let's make your Alpharetta, Georgia home the envy of the neighborhood!


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Premium Flooring In Alpharetta, Georgia

When it comes to premium hardwood floor installation Alpharetta, GA homeowners can't stop raving about, we're your go-to experts. But hey, we're not just about hardwood - we've got you covered with luxury vinyl plank flooring, carpet, stair runners, and engineered hardwood floors too! Our installation process is a well-oiled machine, honed with over 40+ years of experience. We use only top-grade materials and the latest techniques to ensure your floors look stunning and stand the test of time.

But here's the kicker - we don't just install. Need hardwood floor refinishing services to breathe new life into your existing floors? We've got you covered there too. As Beverly C. said in her Google review, "BCAL flooring is a real find. They are trustworthy, communicative, and on time."

Now, you might be thinking, "Sounds great, but what about my budget?" Well, according to USA Today, the average cost for hardwood floor installation in Alpharetta ranges anywhere from $5 to $20 per square foot. But don't let that scare you - we work with you to find the perfect solution that fits both your style and your wallet.

alpharetta georgia hardwood floors

And let's talk about the value you're adding to your home. The National Association of Realtor Realtors did some math. They found out that if you put in new wood floors, you could get back more money than you spent when you sell your house. How much more? 118% more! Not too shabby, right?

So, whether you're dreaming of classic oak or exotic bamboo, we're here to make it happen. Why settle for anything less than flooring that makes you go "Wow!" every time you walk into the room?

Ready to take the first step towards floors that'll make your neighbors green with envy? Give us a call at 770-652-6948 for a free, no-pressure consultation. Let's turn your flooring dreams into reality, one plank at a time!


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