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With so many different types of flooring to choose from, many of our customers don’t know where to start. Fortunately, our flooring company can help with all of them!


We can provide guidance on what the best choices are by narrowing the field. For example, carpet is great for bedrooms, but not so great for bathrooms or areas around water.


People suffering from specific allergies may also do better with something solid and non-porous as well. One of the most popular options in non-porous flooring is luxury vinyl plank or LVP.


If you are looking for luxury vinyl plank flooring in Roswell, GA, BCAL Flooring Consultants has the experience and craftsmanship to get your job done right!


What is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is not the vinyl flooring of the 1980s and 90s. While this version is just as durable, it comes in an array of quality finishes that make it look like wood or stone. And instead of large sheets, luxury vinyl plank flooring is cut into more manageable rectangular pieces. LVP flooring is completely synthetic. It is made of a blend of PVC resins, pigment, UV stabilizers, and a backing layer. Certain types of LVP are meant to be installed with grout, further enhancing their overall look to that of real stone.


What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Plank Flooring?

LVP flooring has several benefits. First, its durability makes it an excellent choice in high traffic areas. Kids, pets, and daily wear and tear are no problem. Second, it looks great. Its wide array of colors and patterns makes it an excellent alternative to hardwoods and stones. Manufacturers of LVP can even give it the texture of a scraped hardwood. Third, luxury vinyl plank flooring installation is a snap with the help of our professional installers. The manageable sizes of the planks are much easier to work with than the large rolls of the older-style vinyl.

Of course, for many customers, there is another benefit to luxury vinyl plank flooring, particularly in comparison to natural stone and hardwoods: price. The average cost of LVP flooring is several dollars per square foot less than natural hardwoods. Depending on the type of stone flooring you may be considering, the cost difference may be a little more or less substantial, but nonetheless, LVP will consistently be the more cost-effective option.



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Does Luxury Vinyl Plank Increase Home Value?

One of the few drawbacks to LVP flooring is that it does not increase a home’s value to the same extent that natural hardwoods or stones might. This is certainly something to consider when looking at your flooring options. You should weigh factors like total expense, how long you plan to be in your home, and whether the improvements you are making now are being done to boost your home’s overall value for a sale soon.

Though LVP does not add the kind of value as natural flooring options, it does offer a vast improvement over worn-out flooring, particularly if the flooring you are replacing is carpet. This is especially true in areas like kitchens and bathrooms that should not have carpet since they are prone to hold moisture.


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